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Treating Sciatica Pain

Treating Sciatica Pain

Are you suffering from intense, piercing sciatica pain? When your pain interferes with your daily life and has you couch-bound, you’re likely searching for some relief. If pain medications and hot packs aren’t helping, you should consider visiting a chiropractor in Plainview. At Island Chiropractic, our team offers patients the best in wellness. Continue reading to discover how a chiropractor can treat sciatica pain.

What is Sciatica Pain?

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body that branches from the lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg. Since this nerve covers such a large area, there are plenty of opportunities for irritation. Sciatica is not actually a condition but rather a pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve path. Sciatica pain is typically caused by a compressed nerve in the lower spine, which can be debilitating. Fortunately, our chiropractor in Plainview can address your sciatica pain and provide much-needed relief.

How Can a Chiropractor in Plainview Treat Sciatica?

When you have shooting sciatica pains and leg numbness, chiropractic care can be a highly effective treatment. Our chiropractor in Plainview is well-versed in all musculoskeletal concerns and can identify the root cause of your symptoms. Chiropractic care involves a whole-body approach and focuses on helping the body heal itself. Our team may employ several treatments that can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments – Adjustments are at the core of chiropractic care. They help realign the spine and free restricted movement. Restoring proper alignment will allow the body to function more efficiently and help reduce pain associated with sciatica.
  • Ultrasound Therapy – Ultrasound therapy boosts circulation and aids in reducing muscle stiffness, swelling, pain, and spasms.
  • Spinal Decompression – Spinal decompression therapy can be a valuable treatment and reduce sciatica pain caused by a herniated disc.
  • Manual Therapy – Manual therapy can induce deep muscle relaxation and release endorphins to relieve pain naturally. Chiropractic massage therapy is targeted towards soothing and healing your sciatica pain.

Contact Us

While sciatica is extremely common, there is no reason to tolerate incapacitating pain. With proper evaluation from our chiropractor in Plainview, you can find relief by starting a treatment program. At Island Chiropractic, our dedicated team is here to offer the treatment you deserve so that you can get back to enjoying life. Be sure to contact Island Chiropractic today to request an appointment!

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